Full wedding timeline

How to plan your wedding day

Wedding day is a special day in your life. It flies as one moment, and a huge number of events occur during it. How do you manage to do what you plan? The answer is simple — you need a wedding itinerary https://planning.wedding/timeline  in advance.

Wedding photo shoot

The most optimal option is to go to a photo shoot immediately after the training camp. Firstly, you are still full of strength and pleasant emotions, there is no fatigue. And secondly, the images and makeup are quite fresh, and there is still plenty of time to shoot. For shooting, it is best to choose parks or other small places, even if it will be the streets of the city on the way to the venue of the ceremony.

When planning the day program and compiling wedding timeline printable on the road, it is worth laying a little more time than is expected ideally. On average, it is worth taking 1.5-2 hours to photograph, and additionally add time to the road.


You should collect guests in advance, at least half an hour before the ceremony. As long as you finish the wedding shooting and go to the wedding venue, guests can be treated to snacks and light starter drinks, take pictures in the photo zone or fill out the wish book.

Everything is together, and the ceremony begins! Take it free wedding timeline template should be 20 minutes and add another 20 minutes to congratulations after. You are waiting for joint photos with your parents, guests, joyful congratulations and flowers, pleasant moments of the first feeling of being a husband and wife.

Festive evening

When the atmosphere of the holiday has already penetrated the hearts of the guests, it is time to invite them to a festive dinner. Afternoon wedding timeline banquet should be thought out together with the host:

  • by the time the banquet begins, the guests are most likely already hungry, so do not pull with the serving of snacks or salads
  • hot should be served 1-1.5 hours after the start of the banquet. The first 2-2.5 hours should accommodate the main dishes, and by this time the guests should be already full
  • do not insert too active or dance blocks in the first 2-2.5 hours, this time is worth taking to congratulations and toasts that guests are eager to say from the beginning of the evening
  • about an hour after serving the hot dish, you can plan the first dance and music block
  • performances of the group should be divided into 2, maximum 3 set, about 40 minutes
  • about an hour before the end of the banquet, it is worth planning a bouquet throw, garter and a beautiful wedding cake appearance
  • finish the banquet part of the evening with words of gratitude to the guests, parents, team.

You can end the evening in different ways, but this should be a point that guests will remember for a long time. About 6 hours is enough for the entire banquet program. Learn wedding timeline templates free to make up your daily routine correctly.

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